Unique Non-GMO Production


AdamPolSoya™ fully tracks the entire chain of products supplies from a field to the consumer and maintains strict quality control at all stages: from the seeding material to finished products, herewith adhering to the principles of food and feed safety.


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GMO control checks are carried out at each stage of production and distribution, supervised by professionals from Canada: the process from the moment when the seeds arrive in Ukraine is monitored from the field, at the intake to the plant or elevator. This is done at every place where there is a risk of appearance of genetically modified seeds.


The trucks which transport beans and combine harvesters are also subject to supervision. Samples of beans from each truck are kept over a year, and because of that, all batches can be tracked with accuracy to a certain day and a certain truck. This guarantees the production process to be free from genetically modified beans.


All soybeans are thoroughly tested before purchase, to make sure that they are not genetically modified, and that the consumer receives non-GMO and quality product.