About the Plant

New Philosophy of Production

​AdamPolSoya™ is a modern oil extraction plant in Adampol, Khmelnytskiy region, processing non-GMO soybeans of Ukrainian origin into products of high quality: crude degummed soybean oil, high protein soybean meal, high-quality food lecithin, "white flake" and pelletized soybean hulls.​ ​​
​Owing to the newest technologies the plant operates in a closed cycle, ensuring waste-free production and minimal impact on the environment.
​The quality and the safety of products are of the top priority of the production. Because of that, an integrated quality and safety control system at all critical stages, — from acceptance of raw materials to dispatch of ready products, is implemented at the plant.
​The accredited laboratory operating at the plant is equipped with brand new and high precision hardware. The plant cooperates with independent surveyor organizations, which enables to make the quality control process maximally objective.

capacity of processing, tons per day

storage capacity, thou. tons

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unique, non genetically modified products